Loveland Garden Club

Welcome to another year for the Loveland Garden Club.  Susan has wonderful programs planned.  We have gained many new members over the past year and are coming off the most profitable plant sale ever. We have many reasons to be grateful for the past and optimistic about the future.

I believe that small acts can change the world and I believe those of us who are gardeners change the world for the better.

When I left Denver and moved to Loveland, I found the Garden Club and my life is richer for it.  Gardening forms bonds with those who share our interest and with those who enjoy our gardens.  Have you ever watched someone walking by, stop and smile while admiring a garden.

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors reduces stress, whether actively gardening or just enjoying the surroundings.  Reduced stress results in a happier population.  Happier people begets Happiness.

So share your love of gardening and make the world a little better.


Donna Drevdahl, President Loveland Garden Club